Improvement Pill — There is nothing to lose!

Sai Manohar Boidapu
2 min readFeb 27, 2020

Do not get carried away by the particular way of living.

I am realizing myself! I am sharing my thoughts running in my mind as they appear … These are the thoughts which I am telling myself.

  1. Wake up whenever you want. Sleep is good for you. It is your friend. Cell regeneration is a good thing. Have a sound sleep.

2. Be focused 24/7. Know what you are doing. Never get drifted away. Always deliberately focus and observe where you are going. Keep an eye on how you are spending your time.

3. Never worry about anything. Life lived in worry is worthless. Face anything, there is nothing to lose. There is no loss and everything is an experience to learn and prepare and built up. You are a seed. Grow as high as you can.

4. Be insanely fast and focused!!
Speed is what brings fun to you.

5. Do not try to win people by losing yourself. Say No, when you want to. Just move on!

6. Become your own god to fulfill your wishes, to shape you into what you want. Make things work for you. Believe me! You are your own god! Everybody is a system in a system.

7. Believe in death. There is nothing to lose. Everybody dies, so there is nothing to lose. When you are afraid of something, think there is no tomorrow. Anyways you are going to die some day, face the challenge, fight it with all your power, no matter you win or lose, practically there is nothing to lose, 9/10 times, dark clouds would go away and a shining sun would re-appear! You come back as someone more matured and more powerful.

Face the brutes!

~Sai Manohar Boidapu